Neopets: Operation Kreludor

Neopets: Operation Kreludor

Neopets: Operation Kreludor is a very enjoyable match-3 and action game
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Neopets: Operation Kreludor is a very enjoyable match-3 and action game in which you must rotate pieces on a board to line up three or more pieces called "petpets". When you make a match, the pieces disappear from the board, thus helping you create a path that leads you to the door that is on the other side of the board, which takes you to the next level. You can also collect bombs that can help you build the path more quickly, by making entire rows of petpets explode. You have a certain time to complete each level or the game is over. If you manage to destroy four or more petpets at once, you can get a bonus. You must work fast because new petpets will be added to the board from time to time, and you may have to work harder to clear the path again.

The game offers two modes: Mission and Infinite. In Mission, you are given a certain mission to achieve, whereas in Infinite mode, there's no time limit and you play until you die or get tired of the game.

What is more, the game features wonderful, very detailed graphics, with cute characters. The sounds are very realistic and impressive, and the music is suitable, but a bit repetitive.

In short, Neopets: Operation Kreludor is an original game that combines two genres and offers lots of levels to enjoy.

Silvana Mansilla
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  • Very enjoyable and addictive.
  • Two modes.
  • You can customize your robot.
  • Lots of levels.
  • Great graphics and sounds


  • Repetitive music
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